Fit for Office.

Making circularity a reality.

Fit for Office (FFO) is an initiative to design and establish an industry-led nationally accessible, voluntary product stewardship scheme for commercial office furniture in Australia.

Designed by a consortium made up of sustainability experts at Edge Impact, Planet Ark and GECA, FFO is now led by a collective of passionate and environmentally conscious furniture manufacturers and brands.

Together, FFO are reshaping the future of office furniture with a strong commitment to circularity and sustainability. Join us on this transformative journey towards greener and more environmentally responsible workspace.

Addressing Australia’s largest problem waste stream: Commercial Furniture.

Each year, more than 35,000 tonnes of commercial office furniture is discarded from offices in Australian capital cities alone. Despite recovery options, vast volumes of office furniture are disposed to landfill which is contributing to climate change.

Fit for Office is helping make circularity a reality for commercial office furniture. Together, we can start a movement to address one of the largest problem waste streams in Australia.

FFO aim is to pioneer cost effective solutions to reuse, recycle and rehome furniture to divert thousands of office furniture from landfill, and help you achieve your carbon and waste reduction targets.

FFO product stewardship scheme is now spearheaded by a expert reference group (ERG) made up of the following founding member organisations:

Klaro Industrial Design - Alona Klaro
Aspect Furniture - Andy McCulloch
Maxton Fox - Belinda Hall
Sturdy Framac - Brad Denny
Living Edge - Guy Walsh* (FFO Expert Reference Group Chair)
Planex - Karina Clarke
Koskela - Sasha Titchkosky

Together, we are driving the transformation towards a more sustainable and circular future for commercial office furniture. Join us in making circularity a reality.

Pioneering Sustainable Commercial Furniture Solutions

Introducing the Fit for Office Stewardship Program, a transformative initiative that addresses the challenges of the linear economy and embraces the opportunities presented by the circular economy. FFO focuses on inspiring economic and environmental feasible extended producer responsibility solutions across a diverse range of product classes, including wheeled office chairs, under-desk storage units, workstations, partitions, and commercial upholstered seating, among others.With a commitment to data-driven insights and knowledge sharing, FFO aims to drive the transition to a circular economy.

With the invaluable support of the Federal government NPSIF grant, Fit For Office was brought to life through the collective efforts of leading organisations in the field of circular economy and sustainability.  Edge Impact, Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), and Planet Ark was the consortium that led the co-design and implementation of the FFO product stewardship scheme.

In its inital stages of scheme activation, FFO seeks to establish a robust product stewardship registry for commercial office furniture. This will be achieved through a centralised software platform, track and trace technology, and digital asset management infrastructure. The aim is to empower suppliers and their customers to efficiently manage furniture assets, optimise their usefule life, and by doing so significantly reduce waste, carbon emissions and pollution.

For more information please contact:

The program will focus on the following product classes:

Wheeled office chairs

Under desk
storage units

and partitions

Upholstered seating

Other chairs
(fixed leg and stools)


Meeting Room

(Glass and metal)

Storage cabinets, lockers
or bookshelves

Other chairs (fixed
leg and stools)